Our clients turn to us for logistics management in the refinery industry, crude and refinery product blending, LNG storage and shipping, batch processes and our own internal work processes.Our independent services protect your business interests, help you manage your risk, and ensure quality products are manufactured and delivered to their final destination at the specifications of the customer.

​In order to cope with your trading patterns and consequently more specific requirements, we have a world-wide agency network that is manned around the clock that offers:


  • Solving your logistical demands

  • Tailor made transport solutions (container, dry or tanker)

  • Offering port-agency services

  • Door-to-door concepts

  • Maritime consultancy

  • Economy of scale reducing your logistical expenditure

Our professional agents are certified to be in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Standard EN-ISO-9002, 1994, and serve the interests of many clients throughout the world. 

Titan CMG team can provide you with expert knowledge in:


  • ​Clearance

  • Port regulations

  • Disbursements or fees

  • Crewing and crew changes

  • Fuel/diesel supply 

  • Ships mail and parts supply

  • Liaisons necessary; pilot, tugs, terminal or for any emergency situations​

Our tanker chartering division provides logistical solutions to your needs.


The activities range from shipping ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ product worldwide to the distribution of oil and chemicals by water, international and for domestic supply. Through our network with leading European and USA tanker owners, future clients can benefit from ‘economy of scale’ advantages. The department is very much focused on customer care, safety and the environment and we work only with ISO 9001 credited agencies.

Titan CMG is dedicated to offering you the service and support that you need. We specialize in affordable off-site storage and customized reporting procedures and schedules. We are proud of our diverse flexibility and would love the opportunity to get to know your team.


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